how to make pc fast

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my pc is not working well. it's very slow . how can i make it fast.

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step1: use X64 bit OS
step2: tuneup utilities to speed your pc..
step3:if you have 2GB RAM then your partition should be C: and D: don't extend third partition it will affect your performance speed..3 GB RAM means three partition C,D,E...
step4:using tuneup you can stop the startup program while boot time...
step5: use light weight anti-virus software less than 200 MB size...
step6:use graphics card 1 GB,it gives more performance to RAM....

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By increasing your RAM of your computer.

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Uninstall unnecessary software programme. Use Old version of software. Clear chace, cookies, temp files.

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Upgrade your version and uninstall all unnecessary file and folde also software programme.

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Well The more expensive the configuration, the more it's work fast! Smiling

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first you increasing your ram and uninstall all unwanted application software.

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1) Clean the registry with some utilities (regcleaner or the like)
2) Use tunning utilities (depending on your OS)
3) uninstall unnecessary software from auto-load as they may "eat" a lot of RAM
4) finally, try to re-install your OS

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If you are a windows user try this trick
1) Kill all unwanted tasks from task manager.
2) Do a disk cleanup regularly.
3) Try to have less content on the desktop because that took more memory .
4) Try to have managed directory.
5) Try services. msc stop unwanted programs permanently.

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stop updating windows and use portable application

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use upgrade version and remove harmful software.

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You need to remove unnecessary files and Software.

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By increasing RAM of your PC and remove unnecessary files and software and use total internet security antivirus.

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Just install SSD and everything will be awesome, Seriously! Believe me.

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