Do reformat your PC

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I've been using Vista home edition, its stability and features is far from being satisfied. I'll go very slow within a few months and I always reformat it and reinstall all my apps. Do you do the same?

I notice windows always store whole bunch of junk in its registry and its making my PC very slow over time and this is one of the reasons I reformat it now and then.

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Yes, its really that much nice as well as also fantastic idea. After reading your this of the problem I just have suggest you the best to re-installed that. It would be that much nice of you.

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Yes after 6 months you should really re-install your window.

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When I had WinXP on my computer, I would reformat every year. When I switched to Ubuntu, I would do a format every 6 months when a new release would come out.

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You have provide good information about the reformat the computer system. I really like this thread very much. All the provided information is really meaningful for me.

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No need to reformatted your PC again and again, you can also use other option to improve your PC performance.Check your RAM.that's the main hardware component which impact on your PC speed.

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Just check out the Operating system.

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