Blue Screen in Vista and not in Windows 7?

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Has anyone tried Windows 7 yet? Let's cut to the chase. I got the Blue Screen of Death several times with Vista. Several times I got it because Vista did not allow for multiple virus detection programs being on one machine at the same time (they did not even have to be running). And now I am having a huge headache. I am getting the BSOD for seemingly just going through a collection of possible fonts that I might want to install. It seems there is a limit to the number of font windows you can have at the same time.

So naturally I am wondering what is next? And naturally I am wondering if really truly these problems are fixed with Windows 7.

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Memory problems? How much RAM do you have?

Vista is horribly bloated and needs at least a Gig of RAM (some say that less than 2 Gig is inadequate particularly when running Norton AV).

I'm guessing that your font problem is memory-related, possibly too little RAM, possibly your RAM is failing.

I believe that Windows 7 is a lot less memory hungry, so, if it's RAM, then the upgrade should solve your problem.

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yes i had the same issue, i did as mentioned and its solved now

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In XP there was an error logging system called Event Viewer, which I believe was left in for Vista too.

Click "Start" and in the Search box type "Event Viewer", then in the list of results double click "Event Viewer".

There are likely hundreds if not thousands of logs in there, some are errors and some are warnings.
Some should probably be addressed, but a lot of them are ok to ignore as are just everyday logs for "something" that went wrong in 3rd party software or Vista but are not critical - such as the error was resolved on next reboot/next software load etc.

You can sort them by time/date, then see the most recent ones and try to find something that might be relevant to any issues you are having.

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i have installed windows 7,however,it runs very well in my laptop.

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blue screen means your memory is crashed or dumped. first you should try to clean your ram and again assemble it with motherboard. i hope it will work. in case it wont then try change hard disk or ram

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Try a OS reload, it will fix your issue

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