Best encryption software?

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Does anyone have any ideas what the best encrytion software is? Any really good budget ones?

I have Steganos 3 it seems quite reliable but it does have some disadvantages:-

1) It appears in the task bar and logos etc so you know there's encrypted files there. Would be better if it was out of sight so no one knew there were enrypted files in the first place.

2) If you switch off your pc (cut the power) when the files are decrypted a copy of some or all of them will remain on the pC.

Very good point and click software, was thinking of upgrading for $40 but can anyone suggest a better package?

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drivecrypt (best ive seen)

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PGP encryption software.

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PGP encryption software.

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Well there are lots of software available for data encryption. I like TrueCrypt. It is a software used for encryption. It is distributed free of charge and source code is available. You can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file or encrypt a partition or as the storage device everything.

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Yeah I think the truecrypt is one of the best and reliable software. It has also great features too.

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IMO, TrueCrypt was pretty close to Folder Lock in rankings, even though it lacked in usability. Truecrypt is better suited for people, who are more "techie/geek". The biggest advantage is that TrueCrypt is free.

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