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Have installed SuSe 10.0 i386 (Downloaded from net) in a Dual Boot cofig with WinXP. All looks good...until I try to get on-line. NADA! Cannot get Yahoo...nothing! Looks as if I'm missing required files for my internet/ethernet/SBC Yahoo Pro Wide/Broadband capable Big Cheeta. Not even a bit-drip!!

Any help will be appreciated from the Heartland...

Bill Morrison

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When I used SuSE a year back, I also had trouble with my 10/100 slot and getting online. Is the slot integrated on your mobo? Or is it on a PCI card?

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I believe it's part of the motherboard, not a plug-in pci board.....thanks heaps 4 the reply!

Have been told my a local GURU that my problem will be solved with a 'D-Link' Router install. In addtion, Two computers will be able to use the same DSL Telco lines.....I'm gonna try it!

Bill Wink

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well, now that you mentioned it, I never had any problem with the conection of internet but I have a D-link router, could it be that now that you mention that

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