Acer laptop won't boot from CD

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Acer Aspire 5720 with insyde h20 BIOS

It just wont boot from the CDROM. I was trying to put Ubuntu on there, and have tried other boot disks, but it just wont boot any.
I set the boot order to have "USB CDROM" at the top, and the disk does spin quite a lot, as if the CD in the drive isn't bootable.

Anyone else have similar issue and found a resolve?

And why does the BIOS label the CDROM as a "USB" CDROM? It is an internal one.

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Make sure there isn't an option for internal CD-ROM. Usually it's a separate option for internal and external CD-ROM.

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And there it was!
I cannot believe I didn't look closely enough for that!

So, why list a USB on board one as well as another internal one? It also lists a USB Hard drive, as well as the internal one.


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You must set the first boot from CD/DVD ROM..go through the start up.After that set secondary boot device ... hard disk.Other wise there is any problem so consult with any hardware expert...!

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Firstly check your laptop booting device option there is which option is selected for booting and select CD ROM for booting..another wise there cane be problem that some CD drivers not run moserbaer..

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Does the message "Press any key to boot from CD" show up at all? If it doesn't keep pressing a key just in case the message is not viewable at the time. I have seen this happen in several computers.

If the CD is not original (burnt copy), you may try a different brand of CD, or try a DVD.

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Sometimes you need to boot from a CD in order to fix or upgrade your computer. The problem is, most computers are set to boot from the hard disk, without trying to boot from a CD. Getting your computer to do this can be convoluted, so follow these steps to make sure that you boot correctly.
1.Insert the Disk
2.reboot Your computer
3.goto Bios setup.
4.In boot menu set CD/DVD player as primary device to boot.
5.Then save the changes.

Here is artile with Full details

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