what do you think about our website??

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Hi guys,

we have launched a new logo design website.just take a look mylogodesignworld.com and please let us know ur reaction....

Thanks in advance


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Overall this looks quite good. I'm a bit distracted because you forgot to set a background-color on your page body so I'm seeing my browser default instead (just grey - I did that so I would remember to specify a background-color on my own sites).

It is a bit ironic that as a logo design company you don't have a strong logo yourself. The examples in the gallery look good though.

A few other picky things:

  • there is too much obvious bolding of keywords in the body text. To a user that might look kind of strange.
  • there are a few grammar mistakes, particularly with the title tag and main heading (should be "Is a logo essential for your business?" or, better "A great logo is essential for your business!". Or now I see a headline on the banner that says "We know the secrete of the ultimate success".
  • The orange "Just $99" on the banner graphic is hard to read against the green background.
  • I'm not too sure about those two people in the pictures. The one on the right looks good but the other is kind of odd looking. And they're both white women...
  • The "Search by category" block on the right sid elooks like it should be clickable but I can't find any links in there at all.

Oh, I see what you're doing here. Is it a coincidence that large chunks of your content have been copied from this site? (and others - almost every phrase I've searched for on your home page is available word-for-word on another site, including the testimonials.). I noticed that some of your writing was much better than the headlines that you must have written yourself. Don't steal from people, it's not cool. Did you steal those logo examples from someone else too or did you actually design those yourself?

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Hello, I just had a look at your website, and overall I think it is very professional. I loved the feel of it as I was browsing through your website, all the pages provided a lot of information about you guys and I felt it has been web put together. The only thing I have to say about it is, for being a logo design company, your logo..is just text. I think you should probably make yourselves a really nice logo just kind of as an example ya know? Otherwise great looking site, nice job!

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This sites design looks good, I would suggest like mjwalsh that you have your own logo as an example. The layout is good and professional looking without looking boring like some I've seen.

Here are a few problems that I have found

  • Under the search by logo catagory bar on the right Corporate is spelled wrong, wildlife is one word, you have designdesign on one of the choices.
  • Some of the colors are inconsistent The purple isn't found anywhere else other than the View gallery button on the home page.
  • I have to agree with Megan too about the bolding of the keywords.

You should say what types of payments are acceptable aka. PayPal, MasterCard, Cashiers Check, Money Order, etc...

I would also suggest getting a secure connection (https://) if you will have credit card orders.

Your CSS validates
Your HTML needs some work, it looks almost as if your javascript/php code is showing to the browser. The others are all relating to the flash banner.

The design is good, easy to navigate through.

Running your site through a plagiarism detector it found that the score was 0/100 and there was a lot of plagiarized material, I suggest rewriting the sites content, even if you didn't copy from others.

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thanks you guys for your valuable comments we will updates this errors asap.

best regards


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Although I like the idea of rotating logos as it showcases your work, I personally didn't take to the photo of the two women. I would also have liked some form of background colour either within the container/content section or within the surrounding body - something to make the content stand out a little bit more.

Overall the website looks tidy and professional so well done. A couple of minor, picky points: the "bookmark us" menu option at the top should have a capital B; your "MAKE LOGO Just $99" reads a bit like broken English - would "Make a Logo" be better - or "Create a Logo"???

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The site is clean and written clearly. However, the most creative aspects are not unique to the sites identity. The stock photo used in your splash is by far the most interesting aspect of your composition. That's OK, but build on that.

My suggestions are:

Use the background to fill the screen space with the menu and splash. (ask for a comp if needed)

Lose the outer border to your content

Increase your line height to 180%

find or pay for a great logo. That is your product. The generically generated one you have is a deterrent.

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Clean design, easy navigation and the site is loading very quickly. I would have liked a background in a light color, instead of white.

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I loved the color scheme and the look of the site, but I would DEFINATELY get your phone number on there somewhere visible. This type of business, DEFINATELY someone will want to think you're legit and open to taking calls.

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Nice site, gets the message across quickly to what you do.
On this page: http://mylogodesignworld.com/portfolio_pg1.html under 'Search by logo category' - I assume they are supposed to be links, but they aren't so not sure what this is, also there is a typo on this area 'Crporate Logo Design'

I hope this helps.

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Where it says "bookmark us" on the main page... it needs to have a capital "B".

Other than that, I think the models need to go, its not horrible, but something else would fit better there I think. I really like the look, the effects, everything. You can tell you guys are good at designing and are a well put together company that knows modern design.

Its a very clean site, I don't know what the others are saying, I think its awesome.

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Hi Guys,
After getting many feedbacks from different forums,we thought to modify our website and finally now we have done it.
Please check our website www.mylogodesignworld.com which is newly modified and uploaded.Waiting for feedback.

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Design and the layout is completely beautiful. Colors match with your website. I also like the icons. The below of you website is also well organized. I like the logo of your website. I think your website has enough content. Good job.

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I think that this site if perfect to target your market. The form of the site is crisp and clean as are your logos.
And you do web design so you must obviously know that your on to something.

I thought that your selection of logos was so enticing I found my self just browsing through them.

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I like the customer quotes you have on the site. It does a great job at providing customer confidence. I do have to agree with Megan about your own logo though. It is your very first sample and as such should ALWAYS be the best.

I was however a little bit confused with the flow of the site. I found myself on the index page not knowing where to go next. A little direction for your visitors would be nice... define the path you want them to take to the checkout line.

Other than that the site looked rather good. The bottom section with the "more services" offered was almost like stepping into another site. But that is just my thoughts.

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your website is good ,but I think if you can use more creative design for your site will be better,as you bussiness is logo design, then your layout should be more creative.

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I like the website. It's very easy to navigate, words are easy to read, and it looks like it will do very well.

it does have a very plan layout though.

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Very nice site, but I do agree with the first comment in that bold type is being used too much throughout the site. The idea is for anything in bold to stand out, if you over use it, it ends up with nothing standing out and too many anchor points on the page which your eye is being drawn to.

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Very nice design. I agree there is too much bold on the site. Also a few grammatical mistakes which can be distracting to some and make you look unprofessional, but overall everything looks nice. There's always tweaking that could be done no matter how skilled you are. Good luck.

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Nice work! I find this very attractive, it is simple but attractive.
I like the colors used, it very easy on the eye.
the navigation is also easy.

You might also want to add a logo gallery of some sort
to give customers an idea of how well you can do logo designs.

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Very nice site, very professional and gives you the impression that the company can produce the goods. Full of content without being too cluttered - I like it.

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Simple Steps For Design Your Logo

Wondering how our logos are made? Here are the six stages in our logo process.

Acquring Information

This text is rubbish dude, run a spell checker over the full site ...
The title ?? Simple steps for Design Your Logo

Maybe this means ... Logo design process ??

I dont like to write too much, (incase i also spell something wrong) but I myself on reading over a few parts within your site would have to say if you cant be bothered to check your own work then how can you be trusted to take on company logo and branding identity for large companies. If you were asked to write a line of text im not sure you would cope ??? I think enough pointed out here but you really really need to pay attention to your text... your expected web visitors are at your site to read an not just to look at graphic examples.

Last thing im saying here is ... it looks like you have just grabbed a template off the web and stuck in your own text. Im not going to say its a nice web design because if you cant spell your page text then im suspecting you wouldnt be able to complete the layout either, so it has to be said its possible the site is anothers creation. This leaves us with compliments only left for logo design and page copy, I noticed someone wrote on here that your own logo is a bit ***** and they suggest you buy one ??? Is it just me or am I missing something on that ??? if your a logo designer why are you needing to buy in a logo??? If you dont have time to design your own logo then I can accept that as fair enough ... but for god sake are we all in here just trying to make everyone think everythings super? You cant be that busy, and if you are then a lot of clients are ******* ****.

Hope this is of some help to you ...

Ps I think my comments are maybe quite long, I myself have many faults on my own website which require repair, so im no way perfect either ... im of the understanding we are here to get the truth about our sites so lets get on with it.

I have Qindex | Qintro | Pixeland | and Graphia |

John Whyte

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i like you website structure, but make it your website design more SEO perspective...

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