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Hi all. I a barry and I am now offering wedding photography and family portrait photography in Dundee Scotland. I have been providing commercial photography for many years to my website design clients and I am now looking to move more into just photography because this is what i enjoy more.

I would be very pleased if yall could give me some advice on how to improve my website and how to gain more photography clients. I would say there is a good market for it in my local area and I now have a photography studio in Dundee which is in the process of being set up. Any ways you can see my website by clicking the link below

Website: family portraits Dundee

Thanks all

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Hi Barry,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I accidentally overlooked your post in the queue.

This site looks pretty good. I like the clean, elegant design. This is exactly the sort of design that works perfectly for a photography site. I also like the swirly design in the top-right corner. It would be nice to see that featured more prominently (make it really big!)

One problem I see is that the light grey on top of white is very low contrast and the text can be hard to read. At the same time, the red "Christmas Gifts" text stands out too much. It's glarinly bright in comparison to the other text. Try something a bit less bright, and try green instead of red.

Another problem I see is that there's a lot of text here. When I was looking for a wedding photographer a few years ago the main thing I wanted to see was samples. And there aren't any here. Cut down on the text (nobody's going to read all that) and use your site to show off your work. That's how people will judge you.

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hi Barry,

clever use of linktext in your post above.

Nice site and I can't really critque because I don't see much wrong with it!

Commerically speaking, I'd leave my prices off because it would generate more enquiries and therefore chances of conversion.

From a spam point of view I'd image your email address on the enquiry form so that it's not grabbed by bots.

Your HTML code is very clean and SEO optimsed to textbook level, well done.

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Hello Barry,

You have done great job.Your site is very nice.

Just one small problem.You can use another bright color instead of the light grey color.Because of this faint color its hard to read text.

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The only things i'd say is the lack of wedding pictures in the wedding page, same for the portraits page.

I'm also not sure about having the menu at the top and the bottom, it makes me think that you wanted to put a base to the design but couldn't think what to put so just repeated the menu.

I might be tempted to add some small colour flourishes here and there, youd have to be careful not to ruin the clean look of the site but I think it could do with a bit of colour.

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