Review My website and give me suggestion

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Hi There ,

I am new on this form and I dont know . This is right place for my this post.

Want review on my web site :-

1: SEO based
2: Designing based

And any suggestion for my site is highly appreciated .
My Web Site :

Sam Smith . ||
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You may be violating the rules here:

Website Critique Area - minimum 4 posts; must review other websites before posting.

Anyway, nice design, fairly valid code, and works quite well on my Mac. Some may have difficulty with your Ajax-only contact form. Keyboard users have major problems, as you eliminated focus lines from all your links. (Why?)

I find the 11px text size too small for comfort on my laptop, but fine on a larger monitor. Bumping up the text size does not break the design too badly - congratulations on that.

Some visitors may find your repetitive use of "We" and "Our" to begin every paragraph tiresome. They may also not like being regarded as mere "users." I suggest switching that around and beginning with "You" rather than "We".

Cordially, David
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Okay - I was hasty posting that forum rule. I see that you have responded to other requests for review in the few short hours since you joined. Perhaps this is the more appropriate rule:

You may not post a large number of short, unhelpful, repetitive, or otherwise useless posts in order to quality for the Market Place limits. This is spamming. If our moderators determine this to be the case, posts will be removed without notice.

Just a friendly warning...

Cordially, David
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Very eye-catching and elegant webdesign. With your presentation of your pages, I can see that you really know your stuff. I am not sure however on how you are going to meet the needs of your clients. Do you have your in house tech persons to accomplish the order, or do you pass the order to free lancers or other businesses with in house techies?

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You have a nice professional design website. It has a clean and easy to use interface. If I were looking for a IT help and found your site, I would definitely contact with you. It has a lot of eye catching features, very symetrical and the colors are clean and easy. A great combination of text and graphics are used in your design I like it.

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Your website is really great website. The design, color and layout is quite comfortable and professional to me. The loading is fast. The usability is good. All of functions at your website are working very well. To me, It is easy to fine what information I want at your site.
The only problem is the bigger images with smaller text at your homepage. I think the text information should be more important.

It is a great website with many eye-catching features.

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Very nice web site! I like it a lot. It loads very fast, it is clean and organized and easy on the eye. It gives your company a very good "first impression" for a new visitor.
All the features you included are nice and helpful, so I have no other ideas for any improvements. Excellent job !

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this is a great website.color is very nice and the interface is clean and easu to use. nice job

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I took a look at your site and I believe you should add some color to it. I see a lot of gray and nothing really catches my eye. Maybe you should add a logo. Your right column looks kind of empty.

I hope you find this helpful. Good luck with it! Your site color combination is looking good, but dont you think ur site needs some buzz like latest most popular, most viewed ? You content looks very clean and is easy to navigate, but I found it very square.

If you could reduce the sharp edgy feel of the site, I think I'd like it more.

Overall, it's very good though.

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I like your color scheme, but I do not like that the graphic is loading step by step, anyway maybe it's just my internet connection. Another observation is that you use too big images near the categories and the text is too small. Maybe a smaller image and a bigger text will be better.

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Your design is really really beautiful (the best thing is the background image). Just one thing i recommend is that with this much beautiful design, you should not use the Sharing widget - that you are using in the bottom - instead use few popular social websites' icons. These will add to the beauty of your website.

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Nice site. It's very professional. Very easy to navigate from one page to other. Nice interface.

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Good design. Ithink you use template for your website.
I check your validation and it is seems ok.
But meta desc and meta keys so long.
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