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I need some suggestions, critism, praise, whatever i can get, Laughing out loud , for my new little hobby site Lightninggate.

I manage tens of k's a day in Adwords, YPN and TLA's, campaigns for clients, and i get A LOT of emails from webmasters that cant really afford my services, but, ask my opinion on certain keywords, campaign ideas, and the like. So, I figured I would throw together a free site to answer as many of their questions as possible.

I do not deem this site, as finished or even professional at this point of time. the php is still sloppy, there is a lot of functions and content that i have yet to apply, and for the main part of the site; the keyword database, it's a 2-3 hour hobby for my of old school data mining.

thanks to all in advance

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Even as your site offers a free service I think you should have a copy. In fact, you already have one! Just look at your own post: "I manage tens of k's a day in Adworords...." why don't you put something similar to the website? That would answer my two main questions when I see the site: what is this, and why has someone done this?

I don't like the color theme much, the site would perhaps need a fresh but simple color theme and a some graphical elements. In my opinion, you should have some text right under the header, then one box for each of those two tools. Under the tools you could also write a few sentence long description what the tool actually does.

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your site looks good. but i dont know what is the purpose of your website and why you have developed this site.
can you please explain in very simple words that what is the purpose of this site. and what is in your mind.

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Being new to the web site design stuff, I see words on your site that I "should" know, but I dont know where to go ON your site to find out how much it can help me. Could you perhaps include a page or link that tells me the basics. I haven't gotten as far as optimizing, and keywords with meta tags..I've heard of it. Your site seems to be a gold mind of information, if I knew what to do with it:)

I like black and white. Simply put, your site is there to provide me with much helpful, much needed information. I don't think I should be destracted from my true purpose for being there. Color is nice, don't get me wrong. But I would go there for the business at hand. If I was interested in other web site design info...and if that was what was intended..then I would say I'd like to see color. But if I'm coming for words and optimization help, then all the other bells and whistles aren't necessary. (I'm kind of partial to black and white anyways).

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Nice.. Maybe make the input fields larger.. much larger. and set focus on one of the fields onload.

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I like the idea of your website but I have just spent about 5 minutes looking for keywords that I use on one of my sites and it doesn't come up with any results even although I know people spend a lot on these words. Also the keyword density tool is quite interesting and works the way it should. I would suggest maybe putting more tools on the site or expanding the keyword search tool.

Hope this helps


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the color scheme was much too dark, i needs more links to sites like yours.
You provide a good service but million provide that same service. Good Luck!!!

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Interesting... very interesting. I really like the idea behind the design, I think it just needs to be tweaked a bit.

First and foremost, readability. I may have my font set a little small today, but I think the default text in the main body of the page should be enlarged a bit. This will also help fill in a small amount of sparsness, without getting anything too cluttered. Hell, it might even give you some web 2.0 cred while your at it. On the note of size=importance, I think the links on the bottom should be a tiny bit smaller. As for design on these, lose the underline (you've already got the "|"s on the sides) and add a margin to the bottom.

The other thing (and this is hard core nit-picking) is that I think the number of words you added today should not be in single quotes. The total number of keywords isn't, and the dailies just feel awkward.

As I do the density search, I think to myself "Cool! And useful! Score!" Nice work on that. I would suggest, as far as design, giving the table the same margin from the banner as the main page's content (for consistency) and giving the address of the site I typed in a little more room to breath. Same goes for the section called "Keyword Analyzer Tool". Needs a little more margin.

The borders on the adsense keyword search results page should be solid, not straight out of 1998. Although the results page isn't necessarily beautiful, I think that's alright here. It's very usable and practical, and that's what I'd like if I were using it for real.

Last thing - when I click on "Google Adsense Keyword Search" at the bottom of the homepage, I expect a dedicated page to Google adsense keywords search... like there is for keyword density. I'd also like to see the same footer at the bottom of all the pages.

Nice job.

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