Please view my website....................

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Hello Everyone,

this is my website:

it is currently used as a project of my course, but i will improve it later as a real e-commerce website. I would like you guys give me some suggestions for it.

thank you very much

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link should work here

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I see a problem this end (Mac) - (screen shot) - probably due to this nested TABLE - <table width="198%">


1. Ditch your course in favor of one that does not teach 20th century methods for 21st century browsers.

2. Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

3. Validate your markup.

4. Use a DOCTYPE.

Cordially, David
delete from internet where user_agent="MSIE" and version < 8;

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I agree, check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Maybe it's just me, but, I think to much pink. The links load nice and fast.

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Hi liu00181, don't be too discouraged at the comments you've had so far, you've made a good start and I have no problems with the colour myself.

I also get that overflow problem in Safari on Windows. As webwiz says, this is very likely the fault of that 198% width on the table containing the homepage body text.

I think what webwiz meant in his first point was that your layout depends heavily on tables. Personally I miss the convenience of table layouts - especially when it comes to vertical alignment - but webwiz is right: the trend these days is for page layout based on divs and CSS. You've already made a start with a CSS stylesheet. If you can get hold of a copy of O'Reilly's "Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide," check out chapters 7 to 9, which explain how to use CSS to position your elements on the page. It may take a bit of time to absorb it all, but it's well worth the trouble, and once you get the idea you'll never look back.

As far as your site's appearance goes, you've laid it out very nicely, so your visitor can easily understand where he's going and what he's looking at. I can think of few tips. Have your header image link back to your homepage - it's a common convention. In the detail information tables on your product details page (we still use tables in certain situations), add a pixel or two of padding in the cells to make the text easier to read. Also, I was a bit surprised when I clicked the "Buy now" button to be taken offsite to PayPal - it wasn't clear what I should do at that point. Would PayPal know what product I was ordering? Maybe some explanation on your product details page, like in a tooltip on the button, would help.

Good luck with the site!

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Really beautiful Design and color combinition. I personally like lite colors. One problem is that text on the page is crossing the borders. I cant suggest any improvement. May be it looks fine in your browser. Try seeing it in Opera (9.26).

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I do not like very much the color scheme you have used. It's too pink. Regarding the buy button that lead you directly to paypal, I would personally do in another way, I would made a button: Details, where all the details should be and there it would be useful to be the buy button.

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The content of your site looks good but the images still have some problems that can annoy visitors. So you'd better change the images a little bit and also the content to make it more eye-catching to visitors.

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make the text size on the left navigation bar larger so that visitiors can view it more clearly
add hyperlink to the text "Contact us Now!" and redirect this to the contact information page
add hyperlink to the email address "" to facilitate customer to send email to you
add a search engine so that customers can search the product they like

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Hi Hi liu00181,
At first left menu seems good. But top menu is very simple.
So You use image link but you can able to use border=0 in img taq. Then We cant see blue border on image.
Website color is soo pink.
May be you can use other color on your website.

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