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Joined: Nov 2004 is a popular online job portal from India. Hundreds of posted jobs, thousands of jobseekers and many Hi-tech features makes it especially unique amongst all others. Services like Resume in Self Domain and Online Interviews are said to be the key factors contributing to it's success. Free registration, free resume upload, free job search, free photo attachment, free resume manager makes it the finest portals of it's kind. Please check it out ….

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just another job site on the net. nothing really to comment

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Hosting, when you posted this thread you saw our posting agreement. This agreement asks you to review at least three other sites. You posted one "review" in which you stated there was nothing to comment on! Please follow the guidelines and review some other sites. At that time we will be happy to offer some comments on your site.

If there is some reason why you can't or don't want to do this please let us know. If you need some help in writing your review we have created these tips for writing website reviews.

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 We have extensive and collaborative training/Corporate programs, for which we also publish half yearly calendars across India. These programs are Certificate/Certification courses headed by market experts and Subject matter experts who have years of experience in the specific fields. The following are our Main headlining training programs:
• Communication and writing skills
• Human Resources Management
• IT / Software training
• Leadership and Management
• Maintenance Planning and Management
• Marketing and Sales
• Planning and Strategy
• Procurement ,Supply Chain and Logistics Management
• Project Management
• Public Relations
• Quality and Productivity
• Safety Management
• Training and Development

 Further to this we also offer the following services:
Renting Training spaces to corporate companies for their sessions/programs. We have 4 training rooms 2 (20 seaters), 1 (30 seater) and 1 (60 seater).
Personalized employment services, to help better the chances of acing job interviews and improving self confidence and quality of any professional. For e.g. Resume writing, Interview coordination,e-learning,social media marketing, career profiling,
o We make use of our large network of branches all across India to keep a pulse on the market and know by the day of requirements and vacancies to act as a source to keep this market saturated at all times

We undertake corporate requirements and use these requirements to provide for skilled and quality of employees that we generate keeping in mind clearly the need as well as the competition at hand.

 We would really love to partner with you be it in Training /Outsourcing or even Employment creation needs.
 Please feel free to get in touch with us on the following numbers:
 Deepti (HR Manager) 9972026229
 Christopher(Training and development Manager) 9980517658
 Sagar (Corporate Development Manager)8904504833
And we would work out the best quote in your favour.

Corporate Training/ Employment and Placement Personalized Services.
Training Room Rentals

Postal Address
628/1, 1st Floor ,Near BDA Complex, Above Canara Bank
Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore 560038

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There is some problem with your hosting provider, I can not open your website. Please, fix it if you want good review.

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Google Chrome can't load it here in Philippines.

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