Please review: "Tikkatering".

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Please review our eCommerce website "Tikkatering" for Indian and Orient food catering.

Please note: the domain name is not matching, it is temporary. Purchases cannot be completed as mentioned in the header.

The website was created as part of the college assignment, but there is a possibility for the real future deploy.



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Mashi, you forgot to post a link!

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Thank you for bring it to our notice. It was with the topic name. Added to the message body too!!

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overall the site is nice and simple here my details review:

1- At the first site we understand it is restaurant but after reading the welcome page we realize that it is an event Indian organizer. In my opinion it will be better if you put a carousel with key words in heading text. The link image that is on the header now could be at below of the menu bar. And just put one sentence or two in you welcome paragraph.
In this kind of site, people don’t like spend time in the reading.
2- Hard to understand the name on the top “Tikkatering”.
3- The site is an e-commerce site where you make an order, but at the first sight it was looks like restaurant where you could make reservation at least this is my first impression.
4- To make un order the user should have account which more forcing them to have it because in e commerce you could make order without having an account and with an account as well.
5- Personally, I like the shopping cart the right side, but it is not understood at the first time. However it is free space without order which could something else (some content such advertising for the site or Indian news) before the order appears there.
6- In my opinion, I would prefer put the search on the right of the bar menu.
7- In the contact area you add some code that user enter before submitting any comment. As it set up now you receive robot messages.
8- In personal view, think you could put more animation,
9- The site is nit secure, I think you should put the https to secure the login page in order to be trusted by customers.


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Interesting site .. i like indian food ....
The photos should be wider from my point of view ....
The design is simple but efficient ..
Good luck with your website ...

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I like the design of the website, I have just a few things that stood out. In the 'contact' page, where it says that 'we will get back to you as soon as the internet allows' - Not a big deal, but that just sounds funny to me. Also, in the 'about' page - I would start the first paragraph with the chef's name, instead of having his name up top, and starting all the paragraphs with 'He'.

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