Please review my website and provide any suggestions

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My website is newly created website. Currently it is only used as a project in my course, but I may continue to improve it as a real e-commerce website later. I want to hear any suggestions from you to make it progress.

The link is:

Thanks for your help.

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this is a nice website, the interface is easy to use.
I personaly think that your homepage may need some changes.
1.homepage bg img, it makes my eyes uncomfortable
2,welcome area: i don't think the form is necessary.
3.too many shopping cart on your homepage.

Anyway, good job!

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Your website is nice. I am never interested in buying online books, so i cant give deep review, but i tell you that your site appears to be useful, and it provides max info in least space (that is ideal).

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-2006 design
-no related books
-no recommended books
-no best Sellers books
-no seo use of h1-h6 tags
- images have no alt
- no friendly urls
- no title on links

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The homepage is not good with the images, this will annoy visitors. So you have to change the images a little bit to make it easier to have a look at your contents. Don't put too much words on homepage.

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I like that the main page puts everything out there, that the interface is easy to use. I would suggest adding a search feature for the site to make it easier for a potential client to locate a book quickly, especially since you may not have it. And I personally find the graphics a little to buzy, I think you could tone down the stripes and shading. . .

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You must change web template. Its seems easy friend tool but it isnt enough.
I can see easily link on your website. ITax think you can change your backgroundimg.

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