Please review my site! (Retro Sound)

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to submit my site for a review. It is a class assignment for a college program to have my assignment evaluated by non-academic peers.

Please note that the site is in design-mode, most links are under construction, so please review the front page only.

Thank you!

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Site is clean and easy to navigate, and a nice use of fonts. Although too much white.
I would suggest a very simple textured background, or some colour somewhere.
Although, DON'T kill it, just something simple and subtle would suffice and will "bring it to life" a bit.

The "Shopping Cart" buttons need to be aligned the same as all product buttons. As they are simply placed under the image above them, when the image is smaller/larger the button doesn't align with the buttons for the other products to the left/right of them.
"Add to Cart" is also probably more descriptive of what that button will do. I know it is fairly obvious, but "Shopping Cart" suggest a link to the cart.

The text and card images at the bottom need a little space to breathe, at least below them.
Put them in a div or assign a CSS class/ID to a paragraph for that specifically with a lower margin.

margin: 5px 0px 10px 0px;
<div id="payments_text">Quick and secure online payments</div>

Overall the site is tidy. It is easy to navigate and not cluttered with rubbish everywhere, which is always a good thing. As said, a little more colour or "something" is needed to make it more lively. I'm not suggesting making it like a rainbow, just something simple to add some feel.

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Over all I think the site is good. Its user friendly and not crowded.
I think it would look better if you add some style to it so it is not too plain. I think the items on the accessories page would look better without borders around them and maybe add a function that allows users to see a larger version of the images.
I like your shopping cart page. Its very well done!

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concept of site is great, but you need something do with desigh. Maybe add flash in novigation its will be better. Also i must say that you need more content in your main page.


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The site has a nice and clean look. However, I would include a footer.
Also, I would move the graphics in the middle of the table and have the price and "Add to cart" button to the bottom of it.
The table with the main content does not appear to be centered. I would recommend you do that as well. Anyway, you're of to a good start and I wish you all the best.

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This was an awesome business concept; I was actually excited to see this service being offered. However, the overall "look and feel" of the site was a bit empty. The print on the main page describing the business was too small and too plain. Some nice bold colors and larger letters would be great. It seems there is not a very large selection of products on the site, the main page seems to display the few items offered. There could be more detail about each item on more of an individual link basis. Overall, a clean site with no overwhelming confusion, very user friendly.

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First off I am wondering if this is for an html or design class.
The design of the site is nice and clean, but is lacking in term of web 2.0 concept. By that I mean special effects that keep people attention, rounded corners, gradiants, and additional graphics. Somthing I noticed in your code is analytics tracking code placed after your tag. If this is for an html class nothing should ever come after the end html tag. The vaidator might help you if you need to clean up your code. Otherwise, site looks good for a class project.

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