Please review my site Minds Abroad

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Hi critiques,

Please review the site and suggest me what should me do now to get well ranked in Google.

Minds Abroad is a Chinese learning school in Kunming, Southwest China in Yunnan province.

Please do advise me what are the necessary steps I should take now from SEO perspective.

Thanks in advance


Study abroad in China

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1.- Consider to center the content
2.- The colors just don't fit. You can search a good color combination over here
3.- Don't use flash use jQuery

This is just my 2 cents..

Hope that helps. cheers

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Thanks a lot for your review!

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First of all i didn't liked the layout and the color combination. Even the copyright footer image is blurred. Try to make it beautiful with some nice layout.

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I'm sorry but this website looks like a site made in 1999. Please take it to the new millennium.
meta description and keywords must be different on every page

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Well, first of all, as mentioned above, the whole content needs to be centered.
Also, there is just too much red color on your page and it looks cluttered.
I would get rid of the red in main navigation bar and in the borders around the graphics.
Also, the animation in the header and footer is distracting and repetitive. I would suggest you leave the girls in the footer section and remove animation from the header.
All in all, it would look much better if you'd make it simpler and cleaner.

All the best.

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I think it is looking very good I think that it needs a bit more color. There is just too much red.

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