Please review my pes website

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Using wordpress and customized a little.

Please review it. Thank you.

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Love the theme and your background. With more content, your site will be gold.

GL !

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I agree that the theme and background is great. I think the right column of your site is too crowded. Therefore, make it not pleasing in the eyes. Moreover, I want to ask a question. Does your website support users with disabilities? Such as color-blind..

Thx b4

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there is something wrong with code just over the footer:


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I like the background wallpaper and colors. The layout is also clean, but the text at times is hard to read.

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It's a bit 'overcrowded' with advertising, agree? The banners kinda distract from reading.
The forum looks especially nice Smiling

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This website looks great. Alot of useful links to accomodate anyone looking for this type of content.

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Your website looks lovely! I like the background a lot. If you could get the two persons in the background flashed, that would more attractive. Anyway, I think you did a good job.
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The website looks quite nice, has a 'powerful' feel to it. Please forget the times font in such a design, your top menu appears in times on my screen. The Header could do with a bit of touchup, some gradients below the menu maybe. Also, the logo has some bevel on it that should go in my opinion. Try making the logo a bit bigger (just a couple of pixels). The main menu has some | separators, you should do something with those, either try to make them 3D-looking (duplicate and change shade), 2 lines one near the other, or make them smaller. You could also scratch the lines. The submenu looks good, but it could take a little bit more contrast.


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