Please review my new site...

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I have created a new website for selling Organic products for the school project. This site is not fully functional, but it will be completed soon.

Any comments will be appreciated !!!

Thanks for your time to review my site.

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I'm getting a "service unavailable" error on your link.

Where do you go to school? I notice a few of your classmates have been here already this year, and previous classes have been here for the last few years around this time.

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Hi Megan,

Thanks a lot for your review, it's much appreciated. I have checked the site, it's working now. This site is not completed for some functions, but will be finished soon.

This is my last semaster in the Algonquin. We have some website creation projects need some professional comments, so I posted it to this site.

It's appreciated for any comments,

Thanks a lot for your time,

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