please review my hotels bookings website

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I would like to find out your opinions regarding my site It offers instant bookings at hotel, villas and apartments worldwide. I am mostly interested in opinions regarding colours, logo, functionality and load time.

Many thanks.

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Hi lulian,

Your site is nice looking, I like the gold for the page's elements. It makes the site look classy and like a dependable source. Good

The logo is nice and fits in with the rest of the site. Good

Sizing my browser to 1024 x 768 I noticed that the Contact link at the top has the very edge cut off, you can still read it though.

The star ratings seem to be missing on some of the hotels(they might be unavailable?)

Page load time wasn't the absolute best at about 20secs on the first load Bad and around 6-10 on the reloads. Good

A trip to the w3c validation machine brings up over 80 html errors and 1 css error. Bad

The functionality of the site seems to be good (I didn't get any errors) Good

It works well in IE 5 mac (although I won't give a + or - for this, it being outdated)

So that's 4 good and 2 things that need some attention.

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I think your site looks really nice for the most part. I’m not too keen on the color scheme though. I just don’t think the blue goes with the other color in my opinion. Other than that, it’s a great site.

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The site looks great, well structured and balanced and visually appealing. I agree with the comment above, the use of the gold looks very classy. Its very easy to navigate and simple to understand. The content of the partners box looks a little messy. Would it be an idea for there to be a link on the hotel descriptions to somewhere like Trip Advisor for hotel review.Overall great professional site.


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Hi, I think the site is very professional. Being an ex-travel agent, I think you did a great design with colors and with layout. The ONLy thing I would change/ad is the photo on the banner, (no one can tell its a hotel), and put some wording on the banner, like a slogan, saying its for hotel bookings. It took my eye a few minutes to circle the page to figure that out.

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Hey Lulian,

Great color scheme. Fantastic layout. Looks VERY professional.

One thing though - in FF on OSX, the Quick Search is cut off. I can see Quick, but then it line breaks and I can only see the very top of "search". I only know what it says because it looks ok in Opera. Also, the drop downs hang over the blue edge (even when not clicked yet) and the words "country" and "city" are sitting really low. Maybe you could drop "Quick" so it just says "Search", and extend the blue tab down another 1/4 - 1/2 in so that everything appears centered?

I know that FF is now used by about as many users as IE, but maybe it looks ok on FF on XP and Vista? I don't have a PC, so I couldn't tell you.

I would use your site for sure though. I have already bookmarked it.

Brian Quinney

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Colors were coordinated nicely. And the setup was nice. I moved easily though pages. The only concern I had was the writing was so small on a lot of places, but I understand the need to get it all on the page too. I am not sure what else to tell you. I am new to this myself.

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Colors are nice and balanced, layout is clean.
I am using firefox 3.0.06 at 1260x768

I did however notice the titles seem a little small or need to be written in bold.

The biggest problem that I had was loading several of the links at the bottom of the page. Seems the server was not responding. I think maybe your host is having problems. I would recommend Godaddy which is what I use for hosting, good uptime.

Otherwise the site is looking pretty good.

T. Angelino

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Let me first of say "WOW". The site is very good. I like the feature of seeing the site in two languages, I suppose you would be adding more in the future. Target and the message starts from the very first page. Provides a lots of option for searching and choosing. Like selecting from city, rating etc choices makes it a very good choice. This will go long ways. Good luck

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now the site is very attractable and i see alot of common forms... mostly small ones... love it!!!


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