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FashionFame provide information about latest trends in fashion, fashion products and fashion news of top designers, brands and stores. FashionFame's aim is to keep people modernized with latest fashions from all over the world.

Looking for your valuable feedback and advice.

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Very busy (by no means a bad thing in my opinion).

It looks well established and seems to be well supported (deducing from your forum).

Fashion isn't really my thing, but the feel of the site is nicely avant-garde, which it should be for a fashion site. Maybe could use a little CSS overlays to give it a 3D look (I might be getting a bit kitchy here; you are probably a better judge than I). Possibly some animation to give it a bit of movement as the site might be a little static, and it would be nice to utilize one of the advantages that the web has over print media.

Also, you have a link to which overlaps your Copyright text at the bottom of the page in Firefox.

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change the background and will be nicer.

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Nice site and I have a few comments:

- the 5 sections at the bottom, Fashion News, Fragrances etc go black first in FF before settling on their hover colour. Possibly a CSS issue.

- The Fashion Buzz word tags are popping out of the box. Try putting overflow: hidden into the CSS of this box.

Nice site on the overall, well done.

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Your site is very nice.You have done very well.
Please if it is possible then change the background color Smiling

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whwkim wrote:
Please if it is possible then change the background color :)

I also go with changing the background color to something more catchy.White looks a little too bland.It would have looked really great if it was contrasted with really colourly pictures.

In all, its a great site with lots of up-to-date content

Information Centre:

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Interesting. I'm getting different appearance in each of my browsers (on a Mac). Firefox and Safari throw a horizontal scroll bar when the window is under 1220 pixels wide. (why?) Nothing quite seems to fit, perhaps because you have put variable height stuff inside fixed height boxes.

FWIW - Specifying a font-size of 12px on the <body> element will surely give problems to anyone setting a minimum font size in their browser. I suggest using 100% - the preferred or default setting on all computers.

The different appearance from browser to browser may be due to the myriad markup errors. The Firefox validator shows 244 errors, while the W3C validator throws up because of invalid UTF-8 character(s).


Cordially, David
delete from internet where user_agent="MSIE" and version < 8;

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Overall I like the site, for me it is a bit too busy though. I don't like the way the quick links in the middle have scroll bars on them that do not fit the rest of the container they are in, I'm using IE7 (not my PC) so perhaps it's just on there but definitely worth resolving.

I'm not sure about the footer links either, I can't put my finger on what's wrong with them but they just don't seem right to me. Sorry I know that's not terribly helpful.

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its really good site ... on follow wise but not on design wise

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- use h3-h6 on all your pages
- use rel="nofollow" at least on Brands
- alt like alt="Paul Costelloe Runway 2" should be alt="Paul Costelloe Runway"
- change the css to load content first.
- way to many name="keywords", limit them to 220 characters

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First W3C Validator has trouble interpreting your site, so take a look at Line #1226.
Next I agree with the above, they are good valid comments, but I do like it overall

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Overall, the website seems a little too cluttered. You might want to create more pages instead of placing everything on the homepage. Quick links are displaying too many links at a time which forces the users the scroll when they have to look for something, which defeats the purpose of 'quick' links.

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Hi, I agree with jamietsh, it is a little too much info for a home page. It is a bit overwhelming and it takes a while to load.
I like the content of your web site, and I am sure if you reorganize the info will be much better. I would move everything that is after Fashion Jewelry (quick links and the rest) in separate pages and just add Quick links to your top navigation menu.
Just an idea!
I like a lot all the content, very informative and appealing for a lady.
Nice job!

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I like the content of your website, you obviously put a lot of effort and time into providing information regarding fashion and any visitor will benefit from it.

However the home page is too crowded, specifically there is too much information on it, and that can be a little bit confusing for users.

I would recommend moving those 5 sections (News, Products, Tips, Jewelry and Footwear) at the top of the page.

Great job, visual appealing and great content!

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Nice site, but it would look better if everything was centered.

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dont like your background

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the background model on the left is not pleasing the eyes. People have tendency to read from left to right. I think it's better to move your sheet to the left side and you can freely put anything on the right.

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It really looks good though I'd suggest you to put the links to your accounts in social media in one column. Otherwise it looks a bit messy.
I'd also add some pictures to the Zodiac fashion section; e.g. you could show some fancy clothes matching a particular sign; it would be a kind of fun Smiling

Feedback 2.0

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I like your website a lot because I am a fan of fansion. You have a great domain name! The only thing I would say is that you may change the background color to make the website look more active.
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Hi, nice touch with the right-aligned website, certainly beats stereotypes.

Some ideas:
- The site has a nice, serious general feel to it
- The left-side picture is welcome, but I'd advise against showing it this way, you might need to add some transparencies to it, make it's edges disappear, because it's competing with the website itself as 2 rectangular objects. Try adding it in a bigger size, edges nicely faded, maybe monochromatic
- Your logo is nice, but it could take an update. That font is pretty much used for glam/fashion, but in a much cleaner presentation; There are fonts out there that much better suit this purpose, they are free too. I'd say a Bastardus Sans or something alike, very clean, a bit bigger.
- The main menu should be vertically centered.
- I like your text + image paragraphs (cells) they are nicely laid-out
- After scrolling a bit, the layout becomes quite attractive, so I guess you should work on your header
- Lose the dashed vertical line, maybe dotted and bright gray or a line, but the contrast is too strong right now
- Add some equal padding to the right-side slideshow and maybe lose the black border, that's old news

Definitely worth touching up!


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in my opinion, your site is very nice, I like your design, it's fashion design,
but why there is a small text "latest headlines" on the top-right

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Today in this modern life everybody want to stay with latest fashion trend so this is website is very informative website for the different types of latest fashion trend updates so I liked it and I hope other people will also like it.

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