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Hey all,

I am looking for some feedback on my site ( Mainly, I don't have the ability to see it and test functionality on XP or Vista (both IE and FF). I would definitely appreciate any suggestions that any of you have though, including color, layout, etc...

Also, if you could include your browser and OS just for reference, that would be appreciated.


Brian Quinney

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Opera 9.5/Linux

This is quite a different layout and it takes some getting used to. If you're going to use that sliding effect you should really take care to ensure that there are no scrollbars on the content. Also, in Opera 9/Linux, when you switch sections, the blocks shift down below the container block before jumping back to where they're supposed to be. After the first time went through it started to work okay (strange).

Another thing you really need to look at is the typography. There is a lot of variation in text sizes and colours. The larger sans-serif doesn't look too good the way it's set here. A lot of the text is much larger than it needs to be. Also avoid centering text. It tends to look unprofessional and is difficult to read.

The logo seems out of place compared to the rest of the design. Consider either redesigning the site around the logo or redesigning the logo so it goes with the look you want on the website.

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A very interesting/unique page design. It seems to be crowded in the centre screen to me.

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I'm not thrilled having to use two scroll bars to see text that could display in a window without any scrolling at all. Particularly if you are mouse-challenged like me, and prefer to use the keyboard to scroll. Also note that with text-size "largest" you get a horizontal scroll bar as well!

You may like to add a static image to replace your heading for those of us without Flash.

There seems to be a number of CSS and markup errors. I suggest you visit the W3C validator tools pages.

Cordially, David
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I'm not thrilled at all with this design especially for a design business. Your fonts are OK, but are a little inconsistent. I would suggest using the cursive type font a little more. The HTML version is much nicer in my opinion as I too dislike the scrolling on the original version. (The sliding effect is cool, I dislike the horizontal and vertical scrolling)

You need to add some color to both designs.

It took a while for your page to load up because there is so much java script. Your link to the html version should be at the bottom.

On your contact page for best days to contact I would suggest using a check box instead of the radio buttons. The preferred contact method should be radio buttons.

Thats my 2¢

My browsers
IE 5.3 Mac (only for testing)
FF 3 Mac

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Ubuntu Linux 8.10
Firefox 3.0.5
32inch widescreen monitor in 1360 x 768 (16:9) resolution

The site appears fine with my above setup, in the centre and all viewable as with most sites.

Remember you are a web design company. As such YOUR site needs to have some form of wow factor with the design and/or layout.
Something that makes me think, "I like their website, it is really stylish and professional, so I think they will make ME a good one too..."

The NON-HTML version is 'ok', but definitely needs the sliding pages making more clean and stylish.

I don't like the frame-style layout, I don't see the necessity of it (there must be a way around having to do that and still have the scroll effect).
Having to scroll in the 'frame' and then scroll in the main page confuses and, importantly, frustrates some people.

I do like the main 'idea' of the way the different pages are accessed with the sliding, but it definitely needs some design tweaking to make it clearer and more professional and look designed rather than thrown together.

The big grey bars under each page title on BOTH sides is the main issue. How about something like:
Remove the grey altogether;
The ones not in focus (I.E. the pages NOT being viewed) are just white with a little colour on the very bottom (as it is now but without the grey) and of course all still clickable;
The one in focus (the page currently being viewed) is ALL coloured with the text in WHITE.

Maybe not exactly that, but you get the idea, something like that.

The page names (HOME, SERVICES etc) need a much better font, and perhaps smaller, as too large it looks bulky and cluttered. also, need a bit of padding around them, as they are all stuck up against the sides of their container (making the fonts smaller will provide this space)

The page currently being viewed needs to NOT be clickable, no link. As it slides closed then opens the same page. (not essential, but makes it better)

The HTML version is ok, a bit plain and simple, which is of course fine usually but as you are a 'web design' company you should have a well designed site (a showcase of your abilities)

So the HTML version needs making a bit more jazzy in some way, more stylish. The NON-HTML version already has 'something' with the sliding effect, but the sliding needs making more stylish as it looks to big, bulky and clumsy.

The link to the "HTML Version" needs placing somewhere better, and perhaps labelling more clearly so people without a clue as to what it is or does can understand. And the link back to "Original Version" shouldn't be in the main navigation menu. Both "HTML Version" and "Original Version" should be exactly the same text, colour, placement etc as each other, so people can associate them both easily and what they do.

On 'Services' I wouldn't have the small print. It can give the impression you are attempting to hide it, and people are wary of 'small print' as it usually contains bad clauses and hidden prices.
Have the number of pages, cost for additional pages and 30% retainer included in (or near) the main price sentence so people can see it all at a glance.

People don't want to be raking through tiny text to find out 30% up front and how many pages they get for their $$, they just want to know EXACTLY what you offer, for how much and what they get for their $$ right in front of their face.

Anything else in the small print (EG: Merchant services not included) simply have in a separate 'Terms and Conditions' page, and link to it "Please read all our terms".
If you do, keep the terms and conditions simple and brief. Most people will not bother reading it if the page is crammed with text that they will presume to be the 'usual' legal rubbish.

Your 'About Us' page is a little over marketed. Try to have less highlighted words like the underlined, blue and italic. SOME is ok and can be effective, but too much just looks spammy and like a cheap and cheesy sales advertisement.

The 'Contact Us' page needs some more functionality.
I cannot select multiple days, ONE one day or ALL days, what if Monday, Thursday and Friday are suitable for me?
Same with the time to call. What if you can contact me between 8AM and 4PM?

Yet then, strangely, you provide checkboxes on the contact method as well as a "both" option.
There are only two options, so I can only select one or the other (or the both option).

You need to perhaps use the checkboxes on the day and time to contact so I can select multiple (or all), and then radio buttons on the preferred contact method so I can select 'telephone' OR 'email' OR 'either'.
(you also need a space between "about" and "yourself" on the HTML version contact us page)

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I was expecting more as this is a site for encouraging other to create a custom design with you. So i think your design should so attractive, I don't think its now. I think a clean but using much graphics will provide you more customers.
Just a suggetion, Put some testimonial on home page with links of developed designs, This will increase faith on your company.

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