Please help me on this one: Tutorials, Reviews & Howto's

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I created this template for my new website. The content isn't up yet (I have it but it's hosted on another template and on another site - moving over). There seems to be something wrong with the way IE renders the footer of the page and I can't figure out how to fix it. Help is appreciated.

Please give your comments and input regarding the navigation, layout, colour-scheme etc.


Thanks in advance Smiling

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Hi nin,

Sorry I wasn't able to review your site sooner! There have been quite a few reviews piling up with all these school projects.

This looks okay. It's not a bad start for a template. I think the font sizes are out of wack in a lot of places. Too big in the main navbar and headings, and a bit too big in the body area as well.

There should be some highlights of the content on the home page - this will help to draw people into the site. Take a look at what wikipedia does with their home page - there's lots of stuff on there that points to other articles on the site.

The logo and colour scheme are okay. The logo text could be simplified some and possibly moved up and/or over that star shaped thing.

I understand this is to be a resource hub, but on what topic? I think you have to focus into a certain topic, otherwise you'll have a hard time attracting visitors and links. Maybe not though. It's an interesting idea. If you're interested in supporting the open source movement, then why isn't the content released under a CC lisence?

You're also going to have to think about how you can control the quality of content on here. If anyone is submitting you're going to get a lot of either really low quality stuff or articles that are basically spam (lots of links to the writer's website).

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I think it looks pretty good. I like the font sizes how they are.
I think the headings on the menu (the blue ones, look a little dark at the top) but I think I was looking for some things too hard. Nice site.

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I generally ignored the links and focused on the layout color schemes etc.


The layout is probably the best part of the site as of now. It is easy to understand. However, one thing that bugs me and its a small detail is the border line above the 'Main' and 'More' title bars. I'd remove it as it looks like a 2px border as opposed to the rest of the layout that has only 1px.

Colors / Fonts

The colors are easy to read and not hard on the eyes thats important. However, being a simple person I'd say take the Sun/Burst out of the logo as its distracting. I'd also consider making the font size for the title bars / menu just slightly smaller.


You wanted this reviewed but it was hard because as you mentioned this is a template and not complete site. One thing I'd consider is what your submenu's will look like if you plan to have any as links like "Reviews" and "Articles" might require multiple sublinks perhaps by genre.

Please let me know if you need any clarification.


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the site overall looks good.Colors also not ackward.Just think about titlebars?Is it okay?Have a look at what wikipedia does with their home page - there's lots of stuff on there that points to other articles on the site.

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