Please Critique my Website (Lovely Print)

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This is the Example of the site is just the Homepage, review it please, colors, layout etc. Thanks =)

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This looks good for a start. Very clean layout.

Check the kerning on the logo text. The letters yPrin are noticeably tighter than the other characters. Some manual kerning might be required to get that to look right.

The other thing that stands out to me is the read more links. They're a bit too big and bold and draw too much attention away from the other elements.

The 4-column footer looks odd below the 3-column main section. What kind of a grid are you using here? it would be best if the footer matched the 3-column main section but then you might end up with too much white space. The first column, under "the site" is confusing because it almost (but not quite) matches the top navigation.

What we do? isn't a question (shouldn't have a question mark).

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I think, as Megan said, it's very clean and a good start, but it is a bit plain to claim to help "web and creative professionals." It's hard to judge too much because the content isn't there yet, but for what I'm perceiving your objective to be, the design is very white and empty.

I'm not really sure what that shifting banner is up at the top. Clearly you have a logo and a navigation, but then what is the function of the section below that? It's hard to tell where to go next based on what is shown here in the sample. What seems to be the main content ("How we work," "What We Do," etc) of the page is pushed way down beyond the initial view of the visitor, and while most people will scroll, it's typically a good idea to put the main content in front of people from the beginning.

From a design point of view, try varying some color choices a bit. I think the choice of blue is very soothing and the images add a nice splash of color, but there is a LOT of white that is just not very visually appealing. Lastly, all of your fonts (except for the logo) are the same, most of them even the same size, so I would think about smart locations to add some contrast with a serif font of some sort. While many people think fonts like "Times New Roman" or "Georgia" are very outdated, from a design perspective, using them to add focus to a certain area or to draw focus away from that area is a great function.

Good luck with your website and I hope you can successfully pull it all together! I'd love to see it when it is completed! Wink


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I'll second the last two opinions, but there's not a lot here to critique. I think the most important part of your site will be what you use for content. The copy you have so far talks about "we" too much, in my opinion. I prefer to read about "me" and why I should use your services.

On a technical level, I suggest you ditch the 13px base font size. Pixel size fonts cannot be enlarged from Internet Explorer's text-size controls, which can frustrate visitors that don't have 20/20 vision. On my IBM laptop, the "medium" font-size is 20px, so I get text that is very considerably smaller than what you see.

I know why you did this - larger text sizes break your layout. But any browser other than IE can enlarge the text. There are also ways of getting bigger text in IE, so your supposed control of text size is mythical.

Apart from that, I agree it's a promising start. Do let us see it when you have more content. Good luck.

Cordially, David
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I wish I can achieve this level of clean look to my site. I really like site that are not loaded with colors. The cleaner and emptier, the better for me.

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