Please critique my e-comm web site

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I am a student and I have created this e-commerce web site for one of my courses, and I am interested in getting reviews regarding the overall look and functionality of my website.

Please keep in mind that this is a project for my class and you will not be able to finalize a purchase.

You can view my web site here:

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Good looking site

here are some issues i have:

Lack of content.
Prices unrealistic

Some things I like:

over all look is very clean
nothing is cluttered

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I agree that the lack of content stands out. It seems that there are very few products available here. It would be good to show some more variety on the home page. Maybe some latest arrivals, best sellers, and a highlights from a blog about computer hardware (could have reviews, how-to's, comparisons, information about new products).

I do like your attempt at a logo. It's not bad really, and could actually work for a smaller business. Adding some colour (e.g. doing the "All" in a bright orange) would be a nice touch). I also like the highlights on the product boxs on hover.

The products pages should have much more information, unless you're expecting people to do their research elsewhere (and you probably don't want that).

Great idea to include the address and phone number in the footer. This helps to show trustworthiness.

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I agree, the website could use some content. I think that the products should have some information. People would stay on the website if the information is available.

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your site is nice but i have found two things that i should share here. 1st that your should not require users to login to access Cart (or to buy). The second is that you are using frame in footer, and in browser the frame is showing up clearly and the scroll handler is visible (may be the height of the box is exceeding the available space). Anyways, the site is nice with clean interface and clean rewritten URLs.

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Having in mind that this is a test, for university it's ok, but in case you want to go live with something like this I would not do this.
Please improve your content on the site. Fix the prices. Try to put some CSS style on the menu links so it not remain blue Sad

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You have a simple site but it is much better if you add content and product details to your e-commerce site. The navigation menus should be at the top of the site so as the users will see it

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Please look into a java based or more interesting product category menu. In general, the look is kinda empty, maybe going for a fixed width narrower front page would be better?

Can I please buy the i7 Extreme Edition from you? The only better deal I get is when Intel send them to me for free for testing, lol.

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There's a lot of blank space on your site you need to add something like graphics or something...

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You need to make your website more visual .Also your website has very low content .You should add article feed to your website .

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