Hey guys need your expert comment for my new website

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Hi, frndz
Please check my logo design website. Hope you like it.But i need your expert comments.


Best regards

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Hello Fantom,

It is a nice looking web site and inspires confidence and security in the viewer.

You have used proper English (for the most part) and that is exemplary and shows that you are not only educated but also competent.

One big problem is "stationary":

When something is standing still, it’s stationary. That piece of paper you write a letter on is stationery. Let the “E” in “stationery” remind you of “envelope.”

You spell it correctly at top but on bottom right:

Stationary Design
Stationary Design is something that reflects your Company and gives you a chance to leave a remarkable and long lasting impression between your company and any new contact.

Switch To Stationary Portfolio

I wonder if stating so prominently at the top "Logo Design Company, India" might hurt you as many Indian companies have a shaky reputation (I know there are good ones, I have a partner in Hyderabad).

I found one broken link: http://mylogodesignworld.com/sitemap.xml on bottom right.

Maybe you should add a RSS feed, if you are planning to add content/resources regularly.

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Visually, I think it looks great. All the colors are well chosen and you have some nice icons.

My only comments would be about the writing in some instances. For instance, at the bottom, "What to expect from My Logo design World" doesn't match up with the title of the page, where "design" is capitalized.

Also, it might be clearer to say "Order Your Custom Logo *For* Only $99."

And, another thing that I noticed was the the titles uses the word "my" which puts the reader thinking from their perspective. It would be good to keep that perspective as much as you can. So instead of saying, "How Our Logos Are Made," it might be better to say, "How Your Logo Will Be Made."

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The design is very good - visually engaging with appropriate use of icons to break up space and provide emphasis to certain areas. I also like the header image's "carbon fibre" look.

Some of the titles don't make a lot of sense, though. For example the Contact Us page: "Contact us at any time for any piece of details:" maybe something like "Contact us at any time for more information" would be better? Along the same vein, the FAQ section has some grammatical errors that make it a bit awkward for English readers, example:
"1. Is logo important?
Ans: Yes logo is very important for your website as it is a identity of your company."
Would be better as:
"1. Is a logo important?
Ans: Yes, a logo is very important for your website as it is part of the identity of your company."

Overall I don't think there any problems design-wise, the biggest problems are in the English copy of the site.

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Hi Fantom;

You've clearly put a lot of work into this and it's very appealing. However, I think there is a little room for improvement.

The dark masthead and surround fight with the clean white centre. It's a little disconcerting.

Your own logo is lost against the black background. If you leave the background dark, you might want to bring it out a little.

Beyond that, it's an great site. If I needed a logo, I'd be ordering!

You've won the big battle though, in that the obvious quality of your samples and the clean layout and legibility of the body are very conducive to making a purchase.

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I think that this is a really well designed site, that will speak for itself in terms of your ability to design logos.

I think the only thing I found strange was that the list items under "Logos that we can make for you" heading were not links. I think you would benefit from making those links that categorize the display of the logo samples..

Very good site though, I think that the awesome design will shake any shady reputations of India based companies.

Great job,

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Good work done with the site buddy.. smallen the size of the icons..

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A very impressive and professional looking site. One suggestion though: Webdesign tab should be the same color as other tabs and it should come before FAQ and COntacts.
Good luck!!.

Indian cooking expert and Web designer.

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Great website. When I click on sample logo. The list of logos on the left looks like a link menu list. When I tried to click on it I realized it is a list. You could add bullets or number them without the spaces between each word. When I scrolled down to "read our articles" I was surpised to see that it was a link. Since the list above was not.

I hope this helps!

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Good work on this!
Very nice color scheme.
easy to navigate, and very easy on the eye.

Just one thing, please add a color on your text menus
when the mouse hovers to the text like the "See our Logo Portfolio" and etc. That will help users know that it is a link.

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Under sample logos the title "we offer logos for $99". The top of the text is cut off.

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Your site I think is perfect. Simple, User friendly. Neutral colors. I am big on having a site neat and square all the way down. Yours is perfect in that respect also

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Site is attractive, eye candy.
I am not sure if Logo Design Company, india looks right at the top of your page. I would probably keep that at the bottom of the page.
Other things that would change: I might brighten the text under the 'other design services'.
Site has a good amount of content which should help you with SEO but I am not sure what it has to do with selling banners unless you are also trying to sell seo services.

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I like this site. Easy to find everything and the grafix are very crisp. One thing though, are you offering website design or logo design becasue i see you have made the website design lnk green which says to me you want to do that more. If this is the case do it more and make the site for website design.

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Wow, all around excellent job! One small piece of feedback-maybe consider increasing the line-height of the text in your top content area. That would make it look even nicer!

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