What is your site worth?

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Webmaster-Forums.Net Estimated Worth $35835.7 USD

Shows daily page views, page rank, estimated ad revenue and more...

Don't know how accurate it is, but interesting...

My personal site?

Netsperience.Org Estimated Worth $2898.1 USD

My site is worth $2898.1.How much is yours worth?

So, what is yours worth? Shocked

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LOL, I *wish* we were making that much in ad revenues! The page views are high but not too far off. We averaged just over 14,000 in September.

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my website otssolutions.com Estimated Worth $9417 USD but it is showing 8 time more page views compare to real figures

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Hi! If you want to find out how much is your website worth you could use www.estimix.com. It provides competitive analysis for free.

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I wish that you were earning that much also. Would be nice to see that a good (great) forum was supported?

Would you make more money if you used spare ad slots to place Google Adsense into?

~ Mike

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Is that worth if you were to sell the site, or monthly income or even yearly income???

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It is a great tool, but not accurate. The value of my domain is very high and could reach much more in about 5 months from now when I add more contents.

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My site is over 10.000 euro.I hope so.

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I wonder how rich i would be if i were to Check all of my sites... BLIMEY!


I think that if the value it esitmated websites at was true then everyone her would have a good sum of money Smiling

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With my site stats, very low. I have just started though so hopefully they will be raised after a while.
Lol, I'm not even going to bother to check what my stats are.

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There are a couple of free sites that offer this valuation type of service. Its fun to take a look at but tough to put much stock into. It is interesting to see how it grows from day and 1 and to try to figure out the reasons for its dollar amount growth. I assume it basically just taps into your page rank and startup date.

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These really make me laught. Not to be taken seriously but they are great fun.

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Thanks for sharing mate

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Really a good tool and quite quick results.

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it's mean for fun only....

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These sites are not very accurate. They all measure of different things, traffic, some on age, some on domain variation, some on just domain, some backlinks, etc.
I would say age, good domain, and traffic are the most important.

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Mine is worth $3750.

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it shows $3489.4 for mine however in reality its much more expensive;)

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Whatever the above figures say, your site is only worth the money it generates you (less what it cost to register and host).

I make a living from my sites but from a collection of sites rather from a single one. I concentrate on the one that makes the least money, then as it moves up I turn my attention to the new lowest on the list.

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