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I am looking for some software to put a simple poll on my site. I have tried for ages but I can't find anything suitable. I prefer a cgi script I can put on my server, not a remotely hosted one. I want one that doesn't have the developer's details plastered all over it, and last but not least, one that's free. I usually find some free version of what I need but I haven't found a decent web poll one. Anyone come across any ?

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I use a great one called AVB (A Voting Booth) on my site, but unfortunately, it seems to have vanished from the web. Try HotScripts and for huge listings of polls. One I experiemented with recently was SurveySays, which is a decent one. Good luck!

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Thanks I'll loko for AVB. I found one yesterday which seems really good. It's called advanced poll and is from . It's in php which is a bit different. Doesn't have huge logos all over it either, just a small link. I'm still figuring out installation and getting it going.

I tried SurveySays but couldn't get it to work and then I read that it has the maker's logo plastered on it. I think Advanced Poll looks better anyway.


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use bravnet mini polls there fully customizable and only have a tiny little text link back to bravenet down the bottom

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Thanks all I'll give them a go.

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