website hacked???

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Hello everyone! I made my husband a website and everything has been going fine so far for 2 years. His website is

His business is about photography. He has always been on the first page in google. But now if I google Aruba photographer for example I get his website and the title is now: timeless real estate apartment for at

The title is supossed to be: Aruban Photographer for all your pictures like weddings, bellies, couples and more!

It seems like the title has been changed to something that has nothing to do with photography. Does anyone know how this could have happen? Is my website hacked? Or spammed?

Thank you,


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That's really weird because the <title> tag on the site is correct. Google should be using that title, so where are they getting that other title from?

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Hi Megan, yes it is really weird because the title is correct. (keywords etc haven't been changed) Everyting was working fine for 2 years. And now suddenly this happend. I also checked out the page source, but everything seems to work fine. And I also wonder where they got the other title from, unless someone hacked the page, and in the future the rankings will go down, and also it will mislead the clients to real estate so they will not even click on the link to begin with. I still do not know what to do, but am going to try and find out.

Thank you for your help! Smiling

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It looks like the domain was pointed to a cash parking service:

Another thing to check would be for malicious code that may not show up in the source when you view it but only when search engine bots pull up the page.

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