Rapid Prototyping & ADDIE model

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I have a question: can we said that the Rapid Prototyping model (which is one of the software development models) & the ADDIE model have similarities? in some aspects?

I need this information for my M.Sc. thesis.

Thanks a lot.


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From what I understand, traditional ADDIE is a more linear process. Analyze, design, develop, implement, evaluate. Whereas with a rapid prototyping model you'd loop through that many times quickly. So they definitely have similarities.

I have an article that suggests a more iterative ADDIE process (maybe that's how you got here?)

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Hello Ms. Megan
Thanks a lot for your replay. I'm so happy tbecause I read your article (that you mentioned above) which was a great help when I designed my site.
We can said that a website is a software project, so sure there are similarities between the two (Rapid prototyping & ADDIE).
I mentioned ADDIE as a model for designing websites in my M.Sc. thesis. is it a good idea? because I didn't find a standard to follow when designing the system's website.

Thanks a lot, wish that you help me & correct my ideas if something wrong with it.


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