Need suggestion on sudden decrease in website traffic

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Dear All,


Could you guys please help me out about the traffic issue to my website?

Let me tell you about the problem...

I started to optimize a website which is a new one just launched two weeks back (website is I started the on-page optimization like title, meta description and keywords, etc. and other on-page factor is going on. Also I did building links from various sources. While I saw the visitor statistics in Google Analytics on the very next day of my work, the amount of visitors was 76 on july 28, 2010. Thereafter a gradual increase in my statistics. Suddenly, there was a drop in traffic on August 03, 2010 which was only 17 visitors. Till date, only a small amount of visitors coming to the website like 12, 15, 13, etc.

May I know why this dropping in statistics? Guys please help me out...

Looking forward to your valuable thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

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To get more visitors, your website should appear in top ranking in search engine. so you have to do off page optimization to get relevant backlinks. you can do social media optimization to get more traffic.

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HAVE U USED PPC, for your website..?

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you should check your back link boss. I think it has been deleted.

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Firstly check your back ling page..., and do off page optimization..the decrease in traffic means that you have lost your increase your ranking star link building, forum posting and blog commenting....All the best

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Build relevant backlinks each consistent with your methods and your efforts.

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well, as your website is new, and you didn't work that much on it,,,,, when ever you dont work on it on some day, its traffic will drop,,because in this short period you don't have any keword in good ranking to get traffic....

all of the traffic coming from refferals,,,,so dont worry about it..

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