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Hi Guys,

Here is a problem that has existed since the very start.

A client wants a website design, and we happily create a homepage design for them. Upon their approval and spec (what pages, what they want on the pages etc.), we'll then build the rest of the site.

Thing is, when they say little innocent things such as "It would be nice if it had this..." where do you draw the line without upsetting them?

My issue is that design is subjective. You can't just say "Here is your design, you will like it," the reality is that the client might want changes, and if you get a fussy one, how can you stay in profit?

My idea is to have some sort of sign-off letter once all pages are complete so i can say "A-ha! You've already signed this bit of paper, if you want anything else then get your purse out..."

Your opinions are welcomed...


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You should always have a signed "scope" up front and once you've met that scope make them sign off that all the pre-agreed stuff is done. If you're feeling nice, negotiate any extra changes that are outside the scope, but draw a line as to how much they can request before it's considered extra work.

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