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Hello Friends,
I want to know which technology have more demand in LAMP or WAMP or which one is better as seo point of view.

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In terms of SEO? There's no difference whatsoever. Smiling

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It is more common to run AMP on L though Smiling

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I don't know...Google might penalize people that use Windows Server to power their website. If they don't, they should, because Windows Server users must have some serious problems. Wink

SEO is just the practice of making your site content easily readable to search engine spiders. The operating has no play in how your pages are formatted and organized.

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I use WAMP for local development (actually xampplite)

Then LAMP for live sites.

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Yeah same, Xampp is what i tend to use aswel. I find that it gives me a good server environment which i can work with.

Since i can use it for MySQL aswel, it is good.

This just means that i can setup applications and scripts, and try them before i place them into a live environment.

Apache Friends - Xampp is very good!

~ Mike

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LAMP is really more popular..

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I use MAMP for my local dev server (Mac / Apache / MySQL / PHP) Wink but deploy to a LAMP server.

The OS has absolutely no bearing on the SERPS and there's no reason why it should - as long as the web server returns content properly it's all fine.


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search engines are concerned with inbound links, the worth of the links, title/meta/keyword tags and content not your hosting O/S

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I think xampp is much better;but I have heard about AMPPS too and planning to use it for a week or so.

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In terms of SEO both are equivalent but i would prefer lamp over wamp. lamp is complete open source and WAMP is not completely open source. XAMPP is a open, cross-platform web server, contains primarily the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.

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I think the combination of them can get low acquisition cost.

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