How can is increase my twitter flower ?

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How can is increase my twitter flower so that i can get good traffic for my website ?

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Simple, follow peoples on twitter

secondly post relevant content on twitter like if you provide service regarding web development so create group or join that group...


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its not only you follow people, you must have good stories, have good communication, and have well build profile.. these thing matters in i t...

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If you want to find users who will follow back, then look at the number of followers they have compared to the number that they follow. If the ratio is about 1:1 then they follow back. So if you follow them they will almost certainly return the favour.

Still, it should be remembered that it's not just about the numbers. You want to get retweets and mentions as well. So post good content and also retweet others. They will see that you have and be more likely to do the same for you.

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Quality content is always a good answer if you want to increase your followers (subscribers).
Do not spam.. because a social network is a place to build your network.

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By following other member and tweet regularly with new updates u can increase the twitter follower

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Follow other people with the same interest and interact with them very often. Regular status updates or tweets is good but direct interaction would be better....

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Include hash tags (#tagname) in your tweets, Follow Other People, Interact with your Followers
Follow other People with the same Interest, Make people Aware, Tweet During Rush Hour.

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Hello Friends,
I have an account in Facebook and twitter for my site .i Daily share some thing related to my site but the number of followers will not be increase what i can do than the followers of my site will be increase and also check my profile on facebook if some thing is missing than also tell me .Please Give me your advise.


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Lots of people follow me in the hope that I will follow them back. Why? Do I want to read their sales messages?

Don't just follow people in the hope that they will reciprocate; they wouldn't read your tweets anyway. I follow President Obama and he follows me. Guess who actually reads whose tweets? (Hint: if he read mine, the country wouldn't be in such a mess!)

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I think that it can be a useful strategy, but not if you're posting a bunch of garbage. Same goes with any kind of "promotion". Expecting to get traffic from your forum signatures isn't going to help either if your posts are no good Wink

I have found that following other people can be useful to get the right people to notice you. If you're targeting the right people, that is. I guess it depends on why you're doing it. I often follow companies I'm interested in working for or people I'd like to collaborate with professionally. It's partly to keep up with what they're doing, but also so they'll know who I am and might find my tweets interesting. It's great for networking place.

Someone here, I guess in another thread, said that its' common courtesy to follow back - I definitely don't agree with that! People are using twitter to get good information, they're not going to follow you back unless a) you're interesting/funny/useful etc., b) they're interested in working for you or with you, or c) they want to build good karma around their company.

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Megan wrote:
... they want to build good karma around their company.

In my experience, good karma never seems to lead to riches in the present incarnation of a company. Perhaps we can hope that it will work out eventually in some concept of transmigration of equity stock.

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That might be One of the best answer to know why you are not be able to increase the follower's .

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I followed people with the same niche as mine.

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There are some softwares help you to increase your Twitter followe but use it smart. You can use the software to sortlist Twitter users who has same interest as yours and follow them. Your Twitter follower will be able to increase from time to time if you follow the right people.

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if you want to increase your followers then first of all you need to join same niche people so they can follow you back. you need to post something interesting on daily basis so you can get visitor, and followers

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You can take the help of Twiends to increase your twitter followers

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Jasjotbains wrote:
You can take the help of Twiends to increase your twitter followers

Not only Twiends ... rather Twiends like sites.
Also use their api ... is like everywhere if you can update you account with content you will get followers.

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you can try twiends, youlikehits, socialclump, etc - many of them.
but you can also try to type #TeamFollowBack in every of your new tweet, then you'll be followed by people who want you to follow tem back too Laughing out loud

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Using hashtags is a good but tedious way. You can use services and buy or earn followers, but those aren't targeted nor quality. It really depends on what you are promting, but I find providing something of value like a giveaway, or product trial/demo or free ebook and most importantly, good content, gives people a reason to follow you.

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Follower or flower? Laughing out loud Well you need to buy Twitter followers, as there are too many people who offering twitter followers!

Good Luck!

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you should think that why people will follow you.. its simple that if they find you interesting, like your tweets they will follow. in other simple way its answer is "why will you follow people?"

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You add him or her, she or he would follow you, if you are not a famous person or a talented person, just a common person

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you can tweet an interesting topic and share useful information. Add people with the same niche

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For following people you on twitter, you have to add updated topic with unique and relevant content, do regular tweets on twitter etc

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i think there a good number of softwares that can increase your followers one of this is tweetader and there a number of sites where you can exchanges follow

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