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Hi,This is Nishant from India and i am a new bee in website world.I want to create a website that will earn from the concept of PPC.How does it work guys can anybody explain me in detail how will my website and how much it will earn if i am attracting customers to signup with my website .

reply will be appreciated

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Hi Nishant,

You can make money through PPC sites such as Google AdSense, Adbrite or Chitika. In my opinion, Adsense is ideal for India, as it offers variety. First of all, you should probably try creating a niche website which deals with a particular subject that interests you. Secondly, use keywords appropriately throughout your website, but avoid keyword stuffing. Thereafter, you can register with Adsense and allow Google to publish relevant ads in your pages. Wherever someone clicks on the Google Adsense ad, you get paid a certain amount by Google. There are several other methods for earning from your website, but this is a good way to start.


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