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Hi All
I'm new hear so, Hello!

I'm trying to learn about directory scripts and alternative ways I can go about building a directory.

Just wandering if anyone has had any experience with these scripts and can recommend one?

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Sorry about the link

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Hi bilums13, welcome to TWF. Smiling

I have stumbles across a few link directory scripts, but I believe they were pretty expensive. Here are a couple of them:

You may also want to consider extending some of the free CMS packages out there:

No worries about the link - just please place it in your signature by clicking on the "My account" link over to the right, and then click the Edit tab at the top to create a signature.

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pr0gr4mm3r wrote:
Hi bilums13, welcome to TWF. :)

And if you want article directory script.

If you are looking for link directory then the PHP LD is very good
Second if you are looking for article directory then The wordpress article directory is really very good.It is open source code which is search engine friendly script to create article directories

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I've actually had a good luck at this one, I was hoping there might be a place to compare the features of some.

Thanks for your help

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Nice sharing about the directory scripts. Most useful links you have shared here. Hope it will help me a lot. Thanks and keep sharing........

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Cheers Guys

I've actually gone for Directorypress on this occasion, as it has been recommended to me by several sources sources.

The following link mentions a couple of other directories which may well be of interest to some of you's.

Hope it helps

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