Blogging about a product/service? New rules in the US taking effect!

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New rules for people blogging about a product or service that have any type of relation to it. It will be required to be clearly disclosed now.


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HA, Love It!

The part i liked the most is about the Weight Loss Programs... GOD, they annoy me.

It is good that the Government is taking firm action in order to help consumers shop online safely.

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Apparently, the govt is enforcing these laws already. They hit 2 major retail saites based out of TX a few weeks ago. One of teh websites was a "price comparison" site that listed the cheapest prices for a product. It turns out, the one they were selecting was not the cheapest after all, but it was the one paying the highest commission. That company settled. The other one was a similar deal but they are taking it to court

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