APC Article: Choosing your web building software

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To build a website you need several types of software: a code editor, an FTP client, a graphics editor, and a selection of web browsers are the basics. This article will describe these tools and suggest popular software to try. In most cases, there are many alternatives available. It's a good idea to try several of them and see what works best for you.

Read it here: Choosing your web building software

This article is written for complete beginners, and is part of the Beginning Web Design series.

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To build websites I use:

Dreamweaver (crimson editor is decent free alternative), FireZilla(free), Photoshop, and Flash. The Adobe suite to me is essential to do quality work, there are others but its the best for web design in my book.

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wel, i was working on web developing and was using Dreamweaver, and that is great,,, more over there are many code editors but i love this one,,

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