Any Special Promotion required for web template sites???

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Hi Everyone,
My doubt is that do we need to follow any special promotion technique for web template sites? If so, pls suggest me to develop my free website templates sites. Im very much focussing on its growth??? Pls and this is my site

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Just keep designing very eye catching and unique templates, and then goto different foruns and show the thumbnails of your templates. Also there are hundreds of blogs that give 3rd party templates to people. Contact those blog writters to consider your free templates too. Also you can keep helping people that are looking for help in CSS and Development forums, under the name of your free template site. This will increase their interest in your site.

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Well, I dont think that there exist some special technics for that purpose. You probably should use regular White Hat SEO technics. But also as it was mentioned before, to be more successful you have to design more than creative and eye-catching website templates.
I'm sure it will work for you.
Best of luck!

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