What Are Your Favorite Android Applications?

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I like whatsup, talking tom, & facebook for android...

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I like whatsup, temple run, angry birds, facebook and skype for android.

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Temple Run Oz, facebook, twitter and whatsup.

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My favorite android apps are : Pebble, Super hexagon, Temple run 2, Whip, facebook for android and lot more such as:
Mushroom Deluxe
Photo Wall FX
Photo Locker
Mail Droid
Tunein Radio
MX Player

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All messenger which support Android are best and easy to use.

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Angry bird and whatsUp are the best apps in android, there are many other also.

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Skype,WhatsApp,Flipboard,Dropbox,Power Tools

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There are some my favorite android application like a Nimbuz, skype, Mushroom Deluxe, Photo Wall FX, Photo Locker, Mail Droid, Tunein Radio, MX Player using all android application in android phone.

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I like, Facebook, WhatsApp and MX Player...!!

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