Moving a Worpress Site

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I have updated my site at and have created a temporary location where I have made a Spanish version of the site at

Next I created a folder called where I copied the files from the to

After I did this I logged in to the Dashboard at and changed the permalinks settings to

Next I went to the main site location where I logged in to changed the link for the languages to reflect the new url for the Spanish version.

Next I went to the main site and clicked on the Español button and then was linked to the url which worked fine.

Here is the problem. When you click on the menu items, which are linked properly which you can see when you hover over the menu items, you are re-directed to the main landing page on

If you put the actual page address for the linked page, you will be redirected to the main landing page. I do not know why the hyperlinks are acting this way as they are being re-directed from good url pages.

Note: I do have the 404 page modified to re-direct when a 404 error happens but as I said, the pages are good so they should not be affected by the 404 issue. No other pages are having this issue other than on the

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.