How to convert HTML to JPG?

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I'm looking for a way to convert a html page into JPG or GIF. The solution should be server based, so visitors don't need to download or install anything on their PCs. When they visit my site, I'd like to provide a button that says "Convert to JPG". They click on it, I generate the html, and the tool then converts it to JPG and lets the visitor save it as JPG.

I'm using a Linux server, and have tried installing html2image demo version (by but it does not work. I'm waiting for their reply (if they ever reply).

Also referring to this thread:

It says the solution works only with a Window's server. Is that really true? Because if so, I could register a new domain on a Windows server solely for converting the html to JPG. There's also the question whether shared web hosting companies allow software to be installed on their server.

I suspect these converters run on a local Window's PC, but I need it to be server based.

Any way that I could achieve that?


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The site you refered to is now showing a landing page. Did you type the address correctly? Also i have never heard a solution for such scenerion.

1 sec, searching for your requirements, i got this interesting solution: written in python language. Check it and tell whether it works!!

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