help (beginner questions about Flash sites)

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i recently developed a website. I don't know enough about dreamweaver, so i decided to do it with templates. The site looks good ( to me ). I was contacted by a webdesigner saying that my site was 100 % created with flash , even the text, and that the spiders can not read flash, so , i am in big trouble. He then offered me to redo my site for a certain fee. I have no clue what so ever if i used flash or not, I am just a beginning amateur

My questions 1) Is it true that spiders can not read anything made with flash?
2) how can i know, that the templates i made my site with use flash? With other words, how can i recognise a site made with flash?
the site is

i hope somebody can help me

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I see no Flash ?
Just loads and loads of TABLE and FONT tags, just like it was 1996...

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No, your site is not in Flash. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who approach new webmasters and try to tell them there's something wrong with their site and they can fix it (for a fee). This usually come sin the form of someone offering to get your site to the top of the search rankings.

It is true that the spiders can't read flash very well.

I'm trying to think of an easy way to explain ho to tell if a website is made with flash or not .... If it is the site will usually be contained within the browser window (the page won't scroll like yours does), and the text will look smoother, if that makes any sense.

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thanks Megan, you made my day. I can't believe he told me even my text is made in flash ,so I have no tekst for the spiders. I really should report him ( he works for the company who hosts my domanename )
Is ther anything you sugest i should change on the site?

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One thing to note is that text can be a part of flash (although it is not in your case). Your website is quite fine for Search Engines so you should not worry about its readability to spiders.

One thing i note in your template is that it has 3 stylesheets, few javascript files but still it is mixed up. ALthough all the CSS files are working fine (i checked), something yet appears to be wrong with your site anywhere.

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i appreciate your help thanks al lot

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