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ok so i have been reading on forms sql and php. seems like it can be used for alot but im confused on how it all connects to each other. I am newer to coding but know simpler stuff like HTML/HTML5 CSS/CSS3 and so on.

What i am trying to accomplish is this

->Enter info into form (3-5 boxes for information)
->Info saved onto server
->Able to search the saved info.

The website is for a game, its a school project but i am teaching myself extra side stuff, use full for web design. I have peered into php a bit, and there is alot to learn.

What this form i am trying to create is supposed to accomplish is:
1: People add link to character build / add title for build / info on build (items bla bla bla)
2: submitted and saved into the database? (my webhost provides MySQL - not advertising jus letting people know what im dealing with.)
3: Anyone is able to search the data for specific builds. So two words for search, char type, and then the build if they can specify.
4: it shows related results.

I dont even know if i can write the proper coding that is required for this, but i plan on teaching them to myself regardless if i actually figure this out in time to add it to the site.

Web Designer,


Ok sorry the search was meant to be a drop down menu for the character type and the text box is for the build type, but the thing is what if it is misspelled by the user trying to search the data.