File Storage for web app

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Hello Everyone

I need your assistence, I am creating a web application that requires file storage, like user photos, videos and files etc, I was thinking of Amazon S3 or DreamObjects but the issue is I do not want to have to pay for API requests or file downloads, I just really want to pay for storage so I do not have to charge my users for downloads or requests which would add complexity.

So what I really need is some form of cheap storage solution that will allow me to store user personal files that can easily be read, updated, downloaded and deleted by the user via API calls from my PHP script, storage wise is around 100GB to 250GB but may need a way to upgrade if needed, I do not mind renting a cheap server for this as long as it does the task and if there are server applications that would allow me to perform this task.

Thanks for your help and I am looking forward to your responses.

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Use free cloud storage site like the ones stated here:

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