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Hello Guys,

I am looking to start an arcade site and I was looking for ideas on the best arcade script out there. It could be paid or free. I am basically looking for something which would have a classy look and easy to modify.

Which script do you think is the best one and why ? Please feel free to add links to a few example sites.

Thanks in advance for all your comments and ideas.

Best Regards,

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I've never used any script specifically, but I've always found Hot Scripts to be a reliable source of good scripts. A search for "arcade" yields quite a few results.

With that said, I do want to throw in my short opinion here, and because it wasn't solicited, I understand if you don't read past this point. I think that if you are interested in building a legitimate website that has the ability to draw in gamers and other new players, you need something developed by a professional rather than something just expanded from a template script.


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My personal favorite is onArcade, with a close runner up of ArcadeTradeScript. AVArcade is great as well for quick sites you want to get up with low cost, as the script is available for free or $10 for the "pro" version.However the best scripts I've found so far are as follows.

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For basic sites, AV Arcade scripts are good. However, if you need a high end gaming site then it is always recommended to consider custom designs, hire a developer to design a custom theme or gaming script.

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