windows or linux vps?

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I want to know which is the best vps hosting till now . So, that we can get good service with less problems and more reliability. Does opting for windows vps or linux vps?

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depends on your platform

If .NET or ASP, or you need to use an Access database, windows is probably best

for most open source apps (Drupal, Wordpress etc) you're probably better off with linux

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I prefer the whole Linux hosting because it is what i have become accustomed to.

I guess that over time i shall take a look at the windows side of things but until then; i shall continue to learn Linux.

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I think using linux is more reasonable, because this is more wide-spread. Agree with guys posted above.

Whatever platform you choose, I can recommend you to look up - this provider has wide selection of VPS platforms and their deals are more than just affordable. Company is good, not sure if I can name them The best, but still I recommend them as a potential host.

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Start from Linux VPS, it's much cheaper and easier to manage.
Say VPS deals from, and will be useful for you in case of choosing a VPS for yourself.

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If you need windows specific software go with win, otherwise Linux is argued to be an all round better server OS, and it's generally cheaper too.

That said, Linux being "better" still requires decent server setup and maintenance.
Also, windows software often tends to require $$$, which is why I stay away from it if possible.

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You know, it really depends on the applications you are going to run. I should mention that you will be able to run all applications on windows platform, but it is more expensive. As for the company recommendation, check out VPS hosting offers. Customer's safety is the main goal for them.

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I highly recommend you to start with Linux VPS as it is more cheaper and easier to operate with. I can suggest you the company which is able to pass on the savings to you. It is Their services are widely represented in the web hosting market.

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See it is really not concern about cost. It is exactly concern about your requirements. As mentioned in the first reply. If you are having a project or website developed/ to be developed in .NET or ASP, or you need to use MSSQL or access database, windows VPS is the best option

But if you have a website or programming project developed in Php , Durpal, wordpress etc. you may opt for Linux VPS. They hardly have price difference.

Also, you need to check availability of the Control panel if you are not familer working from command line.

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Windows servers are traditionally more expensive than Linux ones and Windows demands more experience in its running. Think it's better to start from Linux and with a company that provides both VPSs, it can be, for instance or, etc.

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linux bad
FreeBSD ruleZ Wink

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What are you most comfortable with? If this is a production machine, and you're responsible for fixing things when the stuff hits the fan, which one would you prefer things to be running on?

Hint: forum replies always come in slower when your services is down!


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It depends on what you'll be using. You can actually use microsoft on Linux servers - unless you have written everything specifically in ASP (Microsoft programming language).

Linux seems to be more popular.

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