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What do you think if that is good idea to run web site like on the torrent web hosting (
Can you please review and suggest if I'm on the right way?

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I believe you are on the right path with Santrex. I think that for a download site you might want a dedicated server with the torrent software. I am not very familliar with this but I think you have a good start! Smiling

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Joined: Sep 2006 looks nice for me. You can download and seed using their cheap seedboxes. You may just download the files via FTP to or from your own computer.And what is important you can save your personal bandwidth.

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Joined: Nov 2006 torrent hosting is assigned for running video and music and that's why using them will be a good bet. Moreover the price range is low for torrent hosting and I have read a lot of positive feedbacks about their activity.

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Wanna emphasize that provides a 10% discount on all their services if you sign up with them for a year.

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tummy wrote:
Wanna emphasize that provides a 10% discount on all their services if you sign up with them for a year.

A 10% discount sounds good taking into consideration that provides relatively cheap services for their clients.

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Joined: Mar 2008 is one of the best in the niche of the torrent web hosting, so I think that you are on the right way. Go with them - they are quite good for that and I think that discounts can be taken from them during the private presales conversation with them. Good luck mate

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I am a customer with Santrex. I have to say that my experience has not been a pleasant one. In the two months I have been a customer,the server has been down 8 times.It is currently down and has been for three days and Santrex will not move me to another server. Also, it takes an average of 7 hours for my support tickets to be answered. The speeds are mediocre, I average 5,000KB/s with Santrex but on my other seedboxes I have with other hosts I average 12,500KB/s.The only positive thing I can say about Santrex is their price.If you can find a different host I recommend not using Santrex.

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Torrent protocol of transferring data is really good for sites with huge traffic. This will help you not to exceed yout limit.

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gtf004, I don't mean to sound funny but 5000 is 5MB/Sec which isn't bad at all compared to other hosts, every host differs than the other also the box location makes a difference so don't blame *santrex* for it I am getting 9-11mb/sec using santrex seedboxes and I am one of the happy clients with them for 2 month now, did you contact them maybe they have any problems with the server you're on I love their support it's always sorted whenever I ask for it, and based on your experience with them which was 5mb/sec doesn't give you the right to tell us not to use them, good luck anyway man.

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I have 3 seedboxes with and I am more than happy with them for almost a month now, I got 1 in Germany, 1 in France and the last one I got 2 days ago in the USA, speeds do vary but overall they are good for me, the support is not bad at all sometimes they are late on weekends for about 5-10hrs, but normally I get response within minutes. I do recommend using them, and I recommend starters/begginers to read more on how to use their seedboxes and as well as teak them, one of my friends had a seedbox before in US while he was in Netherland also his trackers were in Netherland WELL that makes me really really laugh lol

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