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Is vicinity to your host important for you?

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I generally hug my server goodnight every night... Sticking out tongue

No, with managed hosting, the facility can be located anywhere, as long as the connection is speedy and reliable, and the customer service is responsive..

I work with associates in India, Israel and the UK - location is not very meaningful these days. I am developing a project managed by a producer in San Francisco, the client is in Florida, I am near NYC - but we communicate well.

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My only requirement is that it's in my own country and in a good data center (aka, not my basement). If you have more than one server, then I would recommend hosting in multiple data centers in case one of them has a problem.

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You know, different projects require different web hosting accounts.... I think that is obvious. Say some of projects require fast servers to process the data hosted on it. I would choose web host with fast servers like instead the one the closest to me... I think that this issue doesn't matter. For other part of the sites I need another kind of hosting and that is not close to me...

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It is a little bit. I like to support businesses in my own country if possible. In the days when our dollar value is bad I liked to pay in Canadian currency if possible too.

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I like to support businesses in my own country if possible.

That, and I want to avoid having to comply with laws in another country. That may not be a problem now, but who knows in the future.

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Yes, that's another good reason and one of the reasons we didn't want our servers to be in the US. I know a lot of people here are concerned about having data on US servers.

Sorry, I can't remember right now which law it is but it allows the US government to get data on any servers in the country. I think - someone can correct me if that's not exactly accurate.

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No. Even if The distance between you and your host influences something - this affect is not very noticeable.

Here everything depends on the quality opf services you are provided. My last host ( has provided very good uptime and speed so I have had no problems being thousands miles away from host:)

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I use my own website hosting company for my hosting.

1. Because we have datacenters in the USA and the UK, so i know i have one, only 58 miles away, in london.

2. Because i have faith in my own company because if i don't trust the services, then why should others.

3. Because Corporate Internet Solution's control panel is easy to use and manage, so i have now come very happy and acustomed with it.

~ Mike


I would tent to use a website hosting company that is at least within a few hundred miles of me or my target audience.

If I was targetting people within the United Kingdom, then i would rather that the server/datacenter was within the United Kingdom. So that my audience can get the best speed when viewing the site.

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I think that the location of your host is not so important. For example, I used and I never had any problems with it. My site never had down time and speed connection was excellent.

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You know there are hosting companies that have detacenters in different locations. Say, they have them in Europe and America and it doesn't influence the quality of their services.

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Not important at all. If the company provides quality services there is no need to find it near yourself. That is not important!

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I also think that the location of the hosting company is unimportant. The main thing is speed and uptime of the company.

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Not important at all. I think if the host is good you'll be able to see your site fast anywhere in the world. Except for the cases when IP of a country is banned:)

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Location plays very little role if the host is reliable. The stability of the provider is main issue.

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The other reason I'd look at this is because it just helps to narrow down the field. With millions of hosting companies out there, you have to narrow it down somehow. Geography is one way to do that.

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The service of the host is important rather than location.

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