need reviews and coupons

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Community, who can share reviews and discounts on
My sister asked me to find her suitable hosting services for her project and I believe that this company will meet her needs.
They are cheap and provide resourceful plans.

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Hi akopayan,

netsperience web hosting can provide plans at a lower rate than including free domain for one year.

I am quite particular about the hosting I use, and I would not recommend this unless I was 100% confident in their services.

I am a reseller - netsperience web hosting is my site - and all hosting plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, too.

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I like the 30 day guarantee... Makes it safer, kind of a try before you buy and if you dont like it then you get your money back

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I suppose you'd better check up several offers, instead of cycling around one company, or you do this without any interest?

If it is not true, I shall bring a suggestion: try visiting - really cheap, and realiable. I've got a discout code: Summer08, which will make their services 20% cheaper.

Money back guarantee is also present.


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Some companies can provide free trials for their services and you may use it to check if everything is OK and then sign up to a full-fledged packeage. is one of those companies - they are priced reasonably and provide trials. They also enable reselling, so that might become a nice solution for you, or someone who needs it.

Do not click my links - this might be damage your PC.

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I have read many positive feedbacks about, their response time guarantee is 10 minutes. 100% Private Label is very good for providing reselling.
You may give them a try.

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I cannot offer vouchers or coupons but i can offer FREE upgrades on all basic website hosting packages.

The FREE upgrade is from a basic website hosting account, to a business website hosting account.

All that needs to be done is to register a basic website hosting account and to them email me at


Then once i get the email, (Usually within 12-24 hours) then i can set it all up as a FREE upgrade.

Best Regards,

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