How to create profitable domain name?

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What a profitable domain name should be consist of?

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Deciding on a domain name can be tricky. First you need to come up with something representative to your website and second, it needs to be available. If someone already has your domain name, you will either have to try to buy it from them or choose again.
Another factor to consider when selecting a domain name is whether you want to go with the unique factor or the keyword factor.
Once you have a list of potential domain names, you will want to check their availability. GoDaddy is a great domain name registrar that will allow you to check the availability of domain names before you buy. If the domain name you wanted was already taken, GoDaddy will also present you with a list of alternatives that are available.

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I have noticed that also it needs to be catchy or easy to remember so that people can just remember it without it having to be written down, so a short domain name is useful.

Keyword Factor is a good point,.

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I check for keywords at Google suggestion tool and start from there. You can't say if a domain is profitable by just the name but also analyze how its doing in terms of traffic.

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Using keywords for domain name is a good idea, you should also match your domain name according to your brand name. You can even take "The", "My" forms in your domain name.

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I agree,Domain name should be easy to remember and should match your business.

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I agree with you that domain name should have decent qualities but... is there any criteria for extension... I seeing different sites with some peculiar extension like
.it , .ed, .st,.. How about these things..

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Domain names can be a solid investment. Just like investing in stocks, though, domain name purchases can also be risky. If you’re in the domain name game to make a fast dollar, this is the wrong market for you. If you want to buy a few domain names and sit tight, this might be a good way to rake in some extra money.

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check go daddy and bigrock

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